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Andreas Yiasimi is a freelance photojournalist style photographer in Cromer, Norwich, Norfolk, UK Specializing in reportage and contemporary wedding photography, Model Portfolios and commercial photographic images. Bands, artists, actors and family lifestyle photography.

A useful custom search engine facility to search Amber Models Photography and related websites concerning, links, reviews personalities and models. Photography and model related articles on entertainment, fashion, stylish glamour and events across East Anglia and beyond. Also focusing on the beautiful North Norfolk region and Norwich with it's many locations, cinemas, eating places, media and theatres. A selected choice of high street clothes stores, designers, bridal shops, dress makers and local celebrities.

Founded in 1980, Constantia Cottage Restaurant has over 40 years experience in the Restaurants sector, and provides excellent food to clients throughout the UK. The company is based in East Runton, Cromer.

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Amber Models provides photographic promotions and publicity releases for artists, models, actors and events in Norfolk and across the UK. Having a personal publicist is an important binary options in South Africa ingredient in any promotional strategy. There is no secret formula behind our promotional methods, just years of experience and dedicated work.

Even though Amber Models is a promotional outfit it is not a Modelling Agency. We are privileged to have worked with some wonderful people over the years and have established a healthy rapport with fellow publicists, agencies, photographers and media.

Featured music track 'Kisses Aren't Contracts' by Darnell Swallow and Best of Both

< alt="AMP News featured artist is the incomparable Darnell Swallow from Big Brother 9. Music track of the Month is Kisses Aren't Contracts with Best Of Both and starring sexy Keisha Kane 'Best Female Actress' at the UK Adult Film and Television Awards in 2008. Exclusive behind the scenes footage of latest DTV video shoot for Make That Money with T-mac, Ayo and beautiful Vanessa G." width="440" height="467">

Darnell Swallow from Big Brother 9 is making waves in the music industry with his latest video release 'Kisses Aren't Contracts' featuring rap duo 'Best of Both' Amp News team together with the beautiful Ann Marie Woodyatt went behind the scenes to find out the latest on the Darnell phenomenon that's sweeping the Nation read more >

News and events

To capture images that portray current breaking news requires years of experience and foresight. The art of being at the right place at the right time becomes a natural instinct and is an area of photography that has a cutting edge like no other.

We have had the privilege of building a healthy rapport amongst many celebrities and people in the spotlight over the years and pride ourselves in our conduct and respect towards them. Our way of working has proved fruitful and has helped us obtain images that are one step ahead.

Speed is the essence to land pictures on a news desk almost simultaneously as far as current affairs are concerned so there is no room for conflict with photographic subjects. To be able to strike instant trusting relationships with people you are dealing with is paramount.

East Anglia has a wealth of celebrity retreats and events that feature personalities, state figures and everyday people. All assignments are of equal importance as far as I’m concerned and our enthusiasm to capture a newsworthy image never wavers, whether we are photographing a Rock Star or a village character.

The images displayed here are a small example that are available for newspapers, magazines, PR and television companies.

Please Note: © All pictures are protected by copyright and must not be used without our permission.

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